Frequently asked questions

What are the eligibility criterias to participate in the Culturepreneurs program?

The program, Culturepreneurs, is intended for persons that:

● are aged over 18
● are passionate about the cultural industries, entrepreneurship and personal/professional development
● want to enter an entrepreneurial education program to develop a pre-existing idea or a new idea belonging to another participant
● are committed to participating in the activities during the program (the 4 workshops and meetings with mentors)

Can I apply to Culturepreneurs if I only have a product / service idea?

Culturepreneurs is a program for ideas, products, services at the beginning as well as for startups already formed but with minimal experience. You can apply with an idea, if you meet the eligibility criteria, namely to belong to one of the categories creative industries accepted in the program and have a technical / IT & C component.

How will the ideas that will be developed within the Culturepreneurs program be chosen?
  1. Enrollment in the program through the application form has an optional heading for briefing your idea/product/service
  2. The pre-selection phase of ideas will happen between October 20 and 25 and it will be made on the basis of the eligibility criteria
  3. The organizing team gives the opportunity for the ideas to be presented during the program launch event (October 25th)
  4. The ideas included in the application form will be selected based on the following criteria:
    1. business feasibility of the idea/product/service
    2. the growth potential of the idea/product/service
    3. the idea/product/service to be included in one of the program areas
    4. presenting the idea
Why sign up for the program?

● the opportunity to develop your idea / product / service in one of the cultural industries
● the opportunity to interact and work with people that are in a similar or complementary field as you to develop a project
● access to 4 free workshops, long-term sustainability and development tools facilitated by entrepreneurs with experience and knowledge in business, culture and IT & C
● validating and exploring ideas in cultural industries
● community support (participants, trainers, mentors) in your personal and professional development throughout the program
● free access facilitated by Culturepreneurs organizers, at events such as IT days, Comedy Cluj, Startup Safari, etc.

How will the launch event take place?

At the launch event of 25.10, those who signed up will have the opportunity to briefly present their ideas to the other participants. Then the participants that are curious to join a team and to work for one of the ideas or to find out details will come into discussion with those who have presented ideas to better understand what they are talking about and decide if they want to work on that idea (this will be agreed together with the one who presented the idea). The objective of the evening is to set up working teams whose members go through the next workshops.

How will the final and closing event take place?

At the closing event on 29.11, the teams will present their projects to an expert jury. Each team will have five minutes to present and then answer the jury questions. Jury members will provide feedback to teams and tips on how to continue.

If I am alone in the team, can I continue to participate in the program?

Yes it’s possible. It’s not a removal criteria. However, we think it is better to work with other people to make progress faster.

Who is the project to be developed?

This depends on the understanding between team members. The one who presented the idea can determine from the beginning how the team will work, what responsibilities do they have, what type of team members they need in the team, and how the collaboration will continue. The organizers and the Cluj Cultural Center can advise on what is the best option, but it does not take responsibility for it and can not be held responsible for the understanding between the team members.

What will be the teamwork method?

During the workshops, the newly formed teams will work together in the location provided by the organizing team.
Besides the workshops we propose to the team leaders to form a group communication channel created on whatsapp / facebook and email, depending on the importance of the topics.
Moreover, teams have the freedom to have meetings in workspaces, to develop ideas.
We expect all teams to have representatives at the organized workshops.

What are workshop data / themes?

October 27 – Validation of the idea
November 9 – Defining product and market offer
November 16 – Marketing and promotion
November 23 – Presentation and public speaking skills

Can I come with a ready-made team or part of the team from the beginning?

Yes, of course, no problem. You can come with a team formed in advance or you can find members during the launch event. Also, in the first few weeks, other people can join in your team. I left this to the coordinator and team members.